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Shodai Academy

An AU Naruto High School Role Play Game

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On the outskirts of a city, high up in the mountains, lays a large building. It's cracked and old, the stone walls standing tall and high. The building itself is far from crumbling; its foundations still stand strong. First built as a church in the mountains, the secluded old edifice still looms on the edge of a forest, stalwartly and silently keeping its dark secrets and stories.

This church is called St. Shodai. A once-lavish building were people would go for peace and strength, it has gone through cosmetic renovations during the decades, its original form slowly growing a shell of modern architecture. It stands like a lonely old soldier about forty minutes out of town---nestled snugly amid a rash of haggard trees, with a high wrought-iron fence wrapping it in from the cold. It's safe here, and the sun is always bright and warm.

Many years have passed since the first beams were raised into place, and the church grew too old to stay functioning. The first caretakers aged with the building, and soon they passed on and the church was sold to a new generation. Under the vision of its new owners, the church was giving a new task: housing a prestigious private boarding school to house the high school students whose parents can afford it. Many additions have been built onto the school, making it larger with each extension. Dormitory halls, a school courtyard and many rooms for classes have almost entirely refaced the identity of the building, so that it is almost only a church by name alone. The large old halls of the church still serve as school rooms, and the clock tower still stands high. Though it has been over one hundred years since the church has been functional, the walls still serve as a reminder of the rich culture it used to hold.

The school campus is large with many courtyards and trees surrounding it. The lake near the School has docks, and serves as a school symbol and recreation center of the campus. There is a large clock tower that many of the students like to spread rumors about---it eternally chimes three and a half minutes late, feeding the fire to all the ghost stories the senior students circulate. With all the things there are to do on school grounds, the place is a very busy place to be.

The school is now known as Shodai Academy.

Capacity & Management

Our onsite student dormitory houses up to 96 students mainly in double rooms. It comprises two separate sections for boys and girls respectively. It is managed by two live-in directors and three live-in supervisors, supported by relief staff. Residence staff have weekly meetings to plan and coordinate dormitory matters, which are also attended by student counsellors.

Student lounges

Boys and girls have separate student lounges with skylights and fitted with kitchenettes for snacks, TVs, computers, and games tables. Visitors all come up to the central reception lounge with the dormitory office on one side and the matron's office on the other.


Healthy multi-cultural cuisine is provided in the cafeteria which is opened seven days a week and throughout the year. On school days, breakfast starts at 7:45 a.m., lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 6:00 p.m. On weekends, simple breakfast is served from 9 a.m., brunch at 11:00 a.m. and dinner at 6:00 p.m. Students can choose to stay on campus during vacation when the same meals will be provided.


All bedrooms have breath-taking views of either the waterfront to the south or the mountains to the north. Students have easy access to all school amenities. These facilities include music rooms, theatre, school library, computer labs, cafeteria, fitness centre, gymnasium, tennis court and an indoor swimming pool.

Daily schedule

7:45 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. - Breakfast
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - School
4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Extra-curricular activities
6:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. - Dinner
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. - Leisure activities/personal hygiene
9:00 p.m. - Curfew for Freshmen and Sophomores
11:15 p.m. - Curfew for Juniors and Seniors
12:00 Midnight - Lights out


Bedrooms are all double rooms. To help students develop multi-cultural friendships, every effort is made to place students of different countries and native languages in each room. Each room has a phone with individual messaging systems and internet connections. Only laptops are encouraged in student rooms. Students should keep their rooms as clean and tidy as possible. Housekeepers take care of daily garbage disposal, weekly cleaning and change of beddings.

Bathrooms & laundry

Six students share a bathroom with two sinks, a shower stall, a washroom, and six rows of cupboards for their toiletries. Students are issued value cards for their laundry.

Student behaviour

All dormitory students are expected to follow the "Rules and Expectations for Student Residence" as given on admissions and explained during student orientation. Students and parents are encouraged to become familiar with the document. Consequences and disciplinary actions will be given for non-compliance of rules.

(1) No god modding! This is when you make decisions and write for another character during logs, commenting or chats, and so forth. It is a forbidden thing! Just stick with what your character is doing and thinking and let the other players be their own.

(2) Please try to stay in character! As fun and awesome as it is to make Shikamaru run around in a pink jumpsuit screaming that he had sex with Temari someone, you guys know that it really wouldn't happen.

(3) ACTIVITY is a MUST! Please do not apply, get accepted and then do nothing. It's discouraging to the other players that wish to roleplay with you. Try to post at least once or twice a week. If you do apply, join and then do nothing, the mods and the players get upset.

(4) And posts with lots of words should be put under a LJ-cut. Learn to use the LJ-cut! It is your friend! It's not hard to learn how to use one! Meme's and quizzes should also be under cuts.

(5) Got a beef with another player? Please be civil about it and solve it. We are here to have some goodness fun. If the fight gets to bad, mods will step in. (In character fights will be excused.)

(6) Please be respectful to the other players. Do not bring Out of Character into the In Character. This includes emotions, problems and bickers or fights. When you play with another character, you are no longer yourself and you are the character interacting with another.

(7) Refrain from negatively criticizing, or telling other people how to write or play their characters. This is not very honorable and down right rude. The players work hard at their writing. If you seriously have a problem with they way one of the characters is being played, take it up with a mod.

(8) All logs should be placed under a lj-cut and placed on the main community:

Character Biographies: :: A - I :: J - Q :: R - Z ::
Character Journal Player
Abumi Zaku percussionair michrure
Aburame Shino placid_enigma sei_kou_ki
Aka Tayuya dulcet_rage go_hifreann_lea
Akimichi Chouji chubbychoukins theninjakitty
Akimichi Chouza buddah_wings sesshiyuki
Akutagawa Ukon restless_pillow sleepy_kaze
Fujikaze Yukie an_urbane_lie go_hifreann_lea
Gekko Hayate dropseaves N/A
Haku xxicedollxx xdyingcameliax
Haruno Sakura inner_identity lone_child
Hatake Kakashi raggedscarecrow dnimevisrevbus
Hyuuga Hanabi fireworksarch omnify
Hyuuga Hinata demure_daylight la_belle_roo
Hyuuga Neji lockedprodigy N/A
Inuzuka Kiba muttlystray ketsuke
Masakazu Ebisu booby_hatch pretty_kozi
Nara Shikamaru shadow_prodigy pretty_kozi
Rock Lee mightylotus sesshiyuki
Sarutobi Asuma yes_sensei theninjakitty
Sarutobi Konohamaru boxes_are_cool lone_child
Shiranui Genma ifixthings_not xx_spiffy_xx
Shizune shizunei michrure
Sunano Kankuro puppet_illusion pretty_kozi
Sunano Temari khamsinprincess p_drake
Takahashi Tenten bulls_i xx_spiffy_xx
Uchiha Itachi 0609 _____hipshooter
Uchiha Obito uchiha_olvidado go_hifreann_lea
Uchiha Sasuke favors_fire spunbymidnight
Uchiha Shisui stilled_water lone_child
Udon omgamoose fourth_esper
Umino Iruka caramel_scar angelogdarknes
Uzumaki Naruto sealedfoxfire michrure
Yamanaka Inochi fabulous_flower theninjakitty
Yamanaka Ino x_deviousdiva palpable
Yuuhi Kurenai shinku_kami la_belle_roo

- Please only apply for one character at a time.
- A minimum of three paragraphs for writing sample.
- Put as much detail into your applications as you can.
- Be sure to have read the rules and information.
- When applying for a teacher, change GRADE to OCCUPATION and have what they do for the school written there.
- Good luck!

Application form:

Post Application HERE.

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